24 hours with Rachio 3 and I think I'm in love!

Just wanted to share my initial impressions of this thing and the first 24 hours have been very positive! My original goal was to get a controller with internet time and consolidate 2 dumb boxes to 1 box. After redoing some sprinklers and getting down to 16 zones it seemed time. Installation was super easy, but then again wiring a controller is not a difficult task. Setup went smooth, I had no issues connecting to wifi, naming it, testing zones, or configuring it. I really like the picture of each zone aspect.

***One thing I might suggest for future, is keep the zone running during the taking a picture part. I wanted photos of the sprinklers on so they would be easier to identify. It wasnt a big deal to switch over to camera, take one, save it, and import it, but some people are a bit smart phone challenged and might have struggled with it.

Obviously I’ll be playing with it for a while to dial it in, but so far I think I have a good grasp on everything and the few questions I’ve had were answered quickly here already.

It came in super useful today already as I decided to replace some sprinkler heads on some far away trees and it was so handy to remotely turn them on without walking back to the controller or begging my wife to call me and press buttons on the thing until she eventually found the right zone and didn’t pass by it 3 times lol. Makes me wonder why someone didn’t at least invent a remote control for these things decades ago.

Anyways, thanks for the great product! Happy watering!


Thanks for the feedback! Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.

Have a great week!