2 Rachio Gen.2's dead

I now have two dead Gen.2 Rachio’s in less than 6 months.

Both my Rachio’s have died the same way. The controller itself starts to respond sporadically, and when you try to water nothing happens even though the Rachio thinks it is watering. I tried manually running the zones through the buttons on the interface and nothing happend. A few hours later I got over 50+ notices from my phone of the Sprinkler turning on and off.

Rebooting does not help. When swapping in a spare controller, everything works fine, each time. I have about 20 years of instrumentation & electrical experience under my belt, and built/designed the entire irrigation system myself. There is no hidden valves or any sort of rain sensing equipment anywhere.

Pretty disappointed with the quality of the equipment.

Hey @vermx2,

I’m so sorry for all of this trouble. I agree, this is very frustrating - though very unusual. I’d love to have our team look into the situation further as well as take a look at some previous support tickets. Would you be up for DMing me the email on your Rachio account to our team can take a look?

Again, I’m so sorry for the frustration!
-Lo :rachio:

@Vermx2 - is there a rain sensor attached to the Rachio? Could a picture of the wiring be posted?

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