2 day delay before rain is recorded

Last friday in Houston, we received almost 3 inches of rain, however my iro gen 2 didn’t reflect that in the soil moisture level until two days later, and unfortunately watered my flowers that morning before it reflected the 2.64" of rain. I am using my personal weather station and it shows 2.64 inches recorded on the May 27th, but in the app the detail for my each zones estimated moisture level shows that the 2.64 inches of rain occurred on the 29th (and proceeded to water on the morning of the 29th). This is very odd, and something I never noticed before the last update. Is it possibly a bug?

It is,possible that the weather vendor they used borked the data. This new update didnt touch that part of the system as far as I know

@lynda_thomas If you notice this data discrepancy again just let us know. The easiest way is to email support@rachio.com with your weather station data and screenshots of the moisture graph and we can follow up with Aeris, our weather provider.


Thanks! And I just wanted to say - I love my Rachio and I tell everyone who will listen how great it is. Water is expensive here, and it has already saved me a bundle in watering costs and I have the best looking yard in the neighborhood!