2 Controllers with Munro Smart Pump Relays. Does it work? Yes / No?

Very Interesting developments on this end - good news and bad news. Good news: I have manually run the zones 10 to 15 times - all WITHOUT zone fault errors! Bad News - strange master fault error on a scheduled items that doesn’t exist.

BEFORE I FORGET: @franz 1. I think @DLane and @Gene deserve another accolade on the support site beyond ‘Power User’ with their MacGyver-like skills! They have been fantastic as I have been fighting this issue for years. I can’t thank them enough for sharing their experience with me in a way that I could act on it! How can we buy someone a drink through this support tool? 2. I do have a FIRMWARE question below that may require your insights / considerations.

To everyone: I did discover a FAULT error with a ‘scheduled’ item - but this is strange and I am not sure this is related to the two controller issue with the Munro box. I woke up to seeing this in my inbox:

I thought that was strange as I don’t have any schedules - as it references an 11:30 pm schedule. So I checked both controllers - and to prove that I am not going crazy. Here is the Front controller:

Here is the Back controller:

Puzzled, I started looking at comparing both controllers - and noticed that the FIRMWARE on the Front controller (that generated the master fault error) was NOT the same as the back controller. So I updated the FIRMWARE to make sure they are in synch. So I am wondering:

  1. Could the FIRMWARE have an impact on generating these fault errors? That’s the biggest question I have - and obviously can not answer.
  2. How do I know if there is a ‘hidden’ schedule in one of the controllers? I used to have many scheduled items in these controllers (alternating so they would not conflict/both be running at the same time) in a Gen 1, then I migrated them to Gen 2 and then Gen 3 (all to try to troubleshoot this). I kept the schedules in place and finally deleted them on the Gen 3 to try to trouble shoot.

Way forward: I plan on 1) adding a new schedule item to both controllers and then delete them - to see if that cleans up the invisible scheduled items 2) Add a couple new schedule items, not using old times, to continue on the great work above by @Gene and @DLane.



@AngryIrrigationMan Can’t comment on what exactly could have caused the erroneous email, my guess it likely got queued some time ago (have you ever had 11:30PM schedule?) and just got out to you. Wouldn’t worry about it too much, unless it happens again. Does the error show up in the history tab within the app / website?

Great idea about checking the website as I forgot about using that for admin features in today’s app-centric world! And yes - I did have a schedule at that time as some point.

So on the website, I did not see any other schedules listed either - BUT I did see that it had one of my prior controllers there. So I deleted that just in case that may cause any confusion. I guess I’ll wait to see what happens at 11:30 pm tonight!

To answer your other question - yes, it shows that I have many scheduled items running! Very strange indeed.

@AngryIrrigationMan - thanks for the update and the compliment.

@Gene and I enjoy the challenges!

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Darn - I just recieved another zone master error while manually testing. Looking at the History - I think the controller is running old schedule - while I was manually testing it - even though there are none scheduled / showing on the GUI.

I will research this more - but I may just wipe the controller / set to the initial factory default settings (I assume I can do that) and hope that will delete these hidden schedules.

Note: I think this is a different issue that the relay configuration above. Let me do some more tracking and I’ll keep everyone posted.

“Quick Run” is a type of schedule that Rachio creates on the fly whenever you ask it to manually run anything, it exists only for the duration of the run and would not show up on the schedule list as it is not an actual (recurring) schedule.

What controller did this happen to (is it A or B on the diagram)? What was the status of the second controller at this time?

One thing worth trying is to swap which terminals of the relay (within the smart-box) the M signals from the controllers go to. Connect which ever controller was connected to terminal 4 to terminal 14 and visa versa. Leave everything else as is.

Basically I may have been wrong about allowing controller A or B to supply 24V- signal, Iit may need to be the same controller as that which connected to terminal 4.

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Interesting on the ‘Quick Run’ as it’s very confusing because the first word in ‘Schedule’ (in large font/ bond letters) - but I get it now. The other controller has nothing going on - both these have nothing on them as I have tried to make them as simple as I can for this troubleshooting process.

Some stats: I have manually started Quick Run jobs ~10 times and it generated faults only 2 of those times. Unfortunately I don’t see a pattern to it yet.

I will try switching terminal 4 and I will keep you posted! Thank you!

So I checked today and that the way wired that way (Terminal 4 connected to the same controller as as the 24V -).

BUT it’s been very strange here: over the last 2 days I had a spike in the amount of Master Valve errors - back to the 3 out of 4 times I get errors. I have done nothing to the system (no wiring adjustment, no schedule adjustments - just random turning on Quick Runs). During that time, I think (not sure) that if I run controller 2 first, then controller 1 within a couple minutes that controller 1 is done/or I force it to stop, controller 1 does not give me a master valve fault error. I am planning on taking the History information from both controllers, merging them into a spreadsheet to see if there is a pattern. Not sure what that will help with.

Been thinking about your findings @AngryIrrigationMan . @franz, could this error be associated with too much current drawn by the master valve? I do seem to remember that “shorted” zone gives a different error, but can’t seem to find a specific documentation to that fact. We may have tried to “fix” the wrong error, zone being overloaded (too much current) rather than disconnected (no current).

Interesting, could be. This could be trending above my pay grade.


@franz any chance of sending it up the chain? :wink:

Firmware person here…

I can’t remember if the reporting is different for over and under current situations but the firmware is looking for both. So potentially this isn’t the controller thinking the zone is over current but actually the zone not drawing enough current and the firmware reporting a fault because it thinks the zone is open.

I’ll try to dig up the actual fault reports from the controller so we can get to the bottom of this.

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Can you PM me the email address you use for your Rachio account?


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Ok - all info has been passed along to the great Rachio machine in the sky via @franz :grinning:

FYI - I generated another Master Value fault this morning on the Front controller. So the technicians can look at that error code.

@dgp FYSA: I created at least 3 or 4 additional faults on the Front zone for the logs to be reviewed.

@dgp @franz any chance for an update? Curious as to what the controller is actually seeing.

It must be top secret … :slight_smile:

Any status on this? Smoke signals? SOS? Bat signal? Anything???