2 Common wire inputs, 4 cables

I have the 16 zone rachio with 2 common wire inputs, however I have 4 cables (4 common wires). How can I add the other 2 common wires in? Do I do 2 together? Or is there another way?

Howdy! Yes, I would recommend inserting 2 common wires per white terminal slot to start. If that doesn’t work for you, we can explore some other options. Please send us a few photos at support@rach.io if you encounter any issues and we’ll help you out.

I piggy backed 2 common wires onto the one connecting to the left common wire input and it seems to be working fine. Does this look good to you? Thanks.

@radamio‌ thanks for the photo! This looks okay. If you have issues with the left common, we may need to clean up the wiring with a wire nut. Also, the wire to zone 1 should be pushed inside the recessed triangle section of the wall mount to avoid interference with the front panel. Feel free to email me at emil@rach.io if you need more help. Thanks!