2.6 fresh install no notifications on ios

I heard the system turn on tonight but there were no notifications. I installed 2.6 clean yesterday not via update. Not sure if that is causing the issues. Running latest iOS.

Anyone else?

The app is also crashing quite a bit.

I had an odd problem on Thursday where the system watered but it never got its completion of my lawn zones into the watering history, and it didn’t even record the drip zones which go after my lawn zones. (And I’m 100% sure it was watering because I happened to be home and a connection at a joint on a drip zone broke and I had to stop that zone as water was spraying everywhere). I also have an IFTTT recording the times, and none of my 3 schedules that ran got recorded on that day. But the moisture level graphs picked it all up.

@Hooper Notifications seem to be working fine, I just did a simple test.

This article might help.

If not, I’d send an email to support@rachio.com to help with more troubleshooting.


Good to hear I am alone. I just removed and downloaded the app again too and things are working again. Maybe I said no to notifications by accident last time?


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