2.5 software released to Rachio Cloud


The first phase of our 2.5 software launch is complete and we have released all of our code to the production Rachio cloud environment.

Tomorrow I hope to submit our iOS app to Apple and get approval in 7-10 business day.

Thanks for everyone’s patience, I hope you like the new software, IMHO the team did a great job on this upgrade.


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When should we expect the Andoid update? Thanks…looking forward to the update!


Android will be released the same day as iOS (as well as the webapp).

iOS is always the tail wagging the dog since it is about a 7-10 day approval process, whereas Android is about 3 hours :wink:



OK - so I’m using the Web site but I see under Schedule just Fixed and Flex Schedule (Beta)… Am I missing something?


The Web app will get new software when our 2.5 iOS app is approved, hopefully within 7-10 business days.



Sorry, if this was already posted. But is there a change log that highlights what’s in the release?


As we get closer to iOS approval we will provide some articles and other useful information. Also, a day or so before the release everyone should be getting an email explaining all of the upcoming changes. We’ll make sure everything is covered.

Hope this helps.