2.5 On Web app July has only 30 days!

In an effort to work with Daylight Savings time to save money, the government has also eliminated the last day of July in 2016.


Thanks @JeremyInMT,

We’ll work on getting a fix out.

Dan :rachio:

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Hahahahahahahah hook line and sinker. At first I thought, that is exactly some dumb ass shit our government would do, then I started doing the math and was like, wtf, they can’t do that, it doesn’t work.

It’s actually just a minor display issue. If you go to the next page (August), the 31st of July is there.

Yeah, July just needs an extra row. I’ll post here when a fix is out…


Dan :rachio:

Same with October. I think it should be 6 rows by default… I mean Windows does it, so it must be right? :stuck_out_tongue: OKAY, bad joke.

Setting the rows to 6 is aesthetically pleasing on the Mobile App. It prevents the months from growing and shrinking on the screen. Personal preference.


Just to make sure, I wasn’t saying it was a huge deal…just tongue-in-cheek humor at a small detail. Thanks for working to fix it, Dan.


Totally fine @JeremyInMT, We’re all friends here :smiley:

( and I’ll take small details over huge deals any day :wink: )

@Dan Sweet! I was thinking maybe on the web app to avoid taking up more vertical space maybe the year could come immediately after the month on the same line instead of being one on top of the other. #unsolicitedadvice

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@JeremyInMT Good thought. We’re always working on way to capitalize on the capabilities/advantages of our different app platforms while still giving a consistent feel/look to the apps.

Passing this to our graphic designer…