2.5 Bug with Microsoft Edge and Explorer?

I’m having an issue with the new web release when opened with Microsoft Edge or Windows Explorer. Attempting to edit a schedule fails, with a blank Schedule Edit - Dialog screen. The application freezes, necessitating closing the browser. Works OK with Chrome.

Hi @jemanner !

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into and back to you…

Dan :rachio:


I had a stack of three schedules. Ironically, only the first/top failed. However, when deleted, then the new top schedule failed.

With over 300 million and growing users for Win10, not sure why you guys are so anti-MSFT. Can you please work to update your app so that its fully compatable? I’m also having problems with Edge not working.

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I don’t think that it’s a matter if being anti ms. A lot of stuff breaks in edge. Even ms tfs doesn’t work in edge…