2.0 Webapp short term roadmap

Webapp 2.0 is finished, @Dan did a great job, we are just waiting for the 2.0 mobile.

A couple fun things we are adding to the webapp in the upcoming weeks:

  • Landscaper access, but better than before. Stay tuned.
  • Zone depletion analysis. We will expose all of the daily information (think a checkbook of debits, credits) that are being applied to you zone. This will provide complete transparency into the decisions that are being made in regards to flex schedules. Eventually we will expose this on mobile but the web for now is much quicker to develop, test, etc. and it is a very rich experience.



For the landscaper access, they will be able to use the browser on their phones?

Zone depletion like a checkbook. Very interesting, who would have thought this little controller could be so helpful and fun!

Yes, no native app required, they will receive a URL they just need to click on. We used to have this, removed it in favor of shared access, and so many people had liked it, it’s coming back.

Think you will like, at least from a transparency standpoint of the data being used to make decisions.