2.0 Testing Progress

Thought I’d update the community on our testing efforts.

We made good progress this week and plan on sending the iOS app to beta testers on Monday, right @mateo_rachio :wink:

The Webapp is finished, yeah @Dan!

We’ve found about 170 defects across iOS, Android, and the Webapp and have made significant improvements in the remote and weather station selection.

So, a very good week!

Till next week.



Awesome news! And can I just say thank you for all of your interaction with the community, the transparency, and the regular updates. It’s one of the things that led me to pick the Rachio over other products and is greatly appreciated!


Agreed with @mjdport the community interaction is very important and you all do an excellent job at that.


@mjdport and @plainsane, thank you for your kind words :blush:

We wouldn’t be here without our awesome users, like you!

You are doing an excellent job. I’m glad I purchased the Rachio. It’s been an excellent investment. :smile:

Ditto to all the above. So when do you realistically think you’ll have it ready for realize?

So I guess May release isn’t gonna happen…new eta?

Beta iOS build going out tomorrow to customers, right @mateo_rachio, then I expect to submit to the Apple App Store sometime this week if the beta testing is going well.

The Webapp is finished, and Android will be delivered when iOS is approved by Apple, or sooner.



if you are looking for additional testers @franz, I am happy to test! I have too many devices to test with (trust me on that)…

Thanks for volunteering, I’ll let @emil know. We might already have enough :wink:

Have a great day!


@ghctim, please fill out this form if you haven’t already. If anyone drops out, I’d love to have your help.

Best, Emil

@emil - thanks! Submit for both my phones :smile: