2.0 Status

Put me down for beta testing! Plenty of experience with beta software and it’s quirks.


yea, ill beta test flex schedules if you like, that is the one thing im chomping at the bit for.

I went to the game last night. you aren’t missing anything. Rockies are horrible this year.

funny, im good at writing them

Would love to test the beta as well. I helped Ecobee test with the beta of their 3.6 firmware and also an active Sonos beta tester as well.

Work for an IT shop and set up my Rachio not that long ago.

Moved from a Pro-C with Solar Sync and wireless remote to the Iro.

Great product you guys have here and also proud to own something developed and built in America by Americans.

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@ruzickab, @jfinley, @thepro8, @MaverickC2, @utemorley2012 – sorry for the delay…

@smw006007, @konglong, @andrewgould, @plainsane, @xjrguy – thank you for your kind offers!

Please sign up for the beta build here. Please note, we’ll be screening all requests and picking the first 10 for Apple and Android, respectively. I wish we could open it to everyone, but time is limited to hit our deadlines. Once we’re ready to release the beta build, I’ll post on this thread again.

Good luck!

Best, Emil


@emil Form sent! Looking forward to testing for you guys.

PS: I think i got the trick question correct :wink:

@MaverickC2, haha thanks for playing along :blush:

Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend!

Best, Emil

@emil I’m happy to beta test as well!

@emil, how soon do you expect to notify the “lucky winners” of being a Beta tester?

just as a heads up, this is my weather for the next 10 days. it seems like i can only provide negative testing :frowning:

form submitted!

@ruzickab, soon! We’re getting closer every day. I’ll post a status update on Friday.

Best, Emil

@plainsane, negative testing is just as important as positive testing. Looks like it’s raining everywhere this spring! Wish we could send some to California.

werd. well the double pump fake of awesomeness shows up right after that 10 day forecast because im getting my yard beached and ill be disabling the rachio for 1 maybe 2 weeks until i get enough foliage to hold the sand in place.

so yea, ill be as useful as a football bat.

Please add me to the beta test!

@plainsane Screen door on a submarine?

hahahah, no doubt boo, no doubt.

@kirksel, please fill out the form at the link above if you haven’t already. We’re accepting applicants through Friday!

I am an existing Beta tester, will I also be included for v2 ?