2.0 Preview - Preferred Weather Stations

With 2.0 you can now choose the exact weather station you would like our cloud API to use when determining rain delay, water budgeting, and tracking weather (evapotranspiration) for flex schedules. We will display a map with national and personal weather stations including all the data you need to make the right choice on which station is right for you (distance, etc.) :beers:


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To stay on topic of this thread, my town has a weather station. I will be able to use it to help determine watering needs? Are there restrictions on what types of weather stations can be used / accessed for integration with IRO?

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Testing 2.0 now, will be releasing when ready.

For a PWS, it just needs to be found at www.pwsweather.com, or a national station.

Here is some more information on the topic:


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