2.0 Preview - Know your zones

See past, present, and future watering and even choose a photo for each zone. :beers:

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This will be a welcome and useful feature.

My back lawn is split into two zones, but whoever originally installed it must have also designed jigsaw puzzles in their spare time. I’ll probably take photos of each zone in action, and use those so I’ll have a handy reference showing which heads correspond with each zone.


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so when are yall going to stop shaking your money maker and put this dood up on the interwibbles for download?

Looking forward to 2.0!

@plainsane lol, we aren’t baking a cake :wink: Lots of software across multiple platforms takes time.

I keed I keed, I know you have a lot of moving parts, YAY CLOUD! I was just making reference to you being a tease more than anything.

@plainsane It’s pretty hard to ruffle me :wink: