2.0 iOS app submitted to Apple store

The app was submitted to the Apple store and we are now waiting for approval.

Since the beta program we’ve spent a lot of time dialing in flex schedules and have made significant changes to the cloud code which builds them.

My recommendation for anyone in the beta program would be to remove any existing flex schedules and re-add them.

I would also reset any advanced zone settings (Zone Details --> Advanced --> Use Default Values) if you have overridden zone default values. This will insure you are on the latest and greatest default values. That’s what beta is for, right? :wink:

Before the official release we will have plenty of flex schedule documentation as well as real-time zone depletion charts on our Webapp that will explain the decision process being made for flex schedules.

If there are any further questions, please contact support@rachio.com.



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I’m assuming this is the finished version? Do you happen to know what Apple’s ETA is?

apple can take up to 3 weeks to approve apps. it’s usually faster.

Yes finished version. We’ve experienced an average of 8-9 business days, which translates close to 2 weeks sometimes, barring no rejection. Like @ghctim said, it is arbitrary and could take longer or shorter.

Android is 2 hours :wink: