2.0 Coming Monday, July 6th!

Team has done an amazing job pulling all this together, Firmware, Cloud API, iOS, Android, Webapp.

Yeah we are a little late, but hopefully it is worth it.

Thanks to the amazing community of beta testers (iOS, Android) that have helped us fine tune the app. I’m trying to pull together some schwag for you.



Can’t wait to see the web app! I have tested both iOS and android and they are great but I want to see the new analytics on the web!

Almost finished…


Looks awesome!

Fantastic :heart_eyes:


The 6th is my birthday! Great present, looking forward to using it. (I really needed the ability to choose a personal weather station to my liking so that new feature is a big win for me).
God Bless and Happy Independence Day!

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:birthday: !

Running 2.0.2-102 Android Beta. Since loading the latest version, the app is not recognizing my PWS and when I try to change weather station, the app repeatedly crashes as it loads the PWS map.

Has this issue been reported already?

Can you uninstall and reinstall the app? If still crashing we will be sure to look into this and fix the issue. Also if any chance to send crash report please do.


Is it Monday yet? :grin: Darn Its only Saturday just two more days I can’t take the suspense :scream: Come on Monday :cold_sweat: LOL


Any update? It is Monday and I see no new app/interface.

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Same here.

I’m sure you guys are rolling into work this morning and will likely release it soon? :slight_smile:

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Patiently waiting.

Ordered a Davis weatherlink IP to get my Vantage 2 Pro online and usable.

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Anticipation, Anticipation :wink:

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Remember they are on mountain time guys…it’s early for them…

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it is Monday and I see no change in the apps or web site? when will we have the pleasure of using version 2?

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give them a chance, expect it later in the day eastern time.

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and 4th hangovers… :wink:


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