2.0 and flex not adhering to restriction settings

I also emailed support about this but have not heard any response yet.

I have three flex schedules set up. One. Of them adheres to my local restrictions (my lawn and all of its zones) which is set for odd days only. The other two do not. I know I am bad. The justification I have for this is two fold. One we are not in a serious drought here in Illinois (in fact I have been under a. Flood watch for the last several weeks), two the two zones in question are planters with annuals that get a ton of sun so require more frequent watering to keep everything healthy, and the last zone is shrubs that are actually under my second floor deck that gets almost no sun so needs to be watered less frequently. Hence my justification that flexies are way better then the arbitrary odd day requirement since thes zones run so short.

On to my bug. My lawn zone ran on the wrong day. It ran on an even day which I have set to run only on odd days. Maybe it is because I have different watering days selected. Maybe it’s somethings else but wanted to point it out here as well.

@rakote, good morning. I’ll review your support ticket and see what’s going on. I’ll reply via support as well as post a summary here.

Best, Emil


thanx holmes.

I have the development team reviewing, will let you know what is found.

We tracked down and fixed the defect. This will be deployed today with some other fixes to production.

Thanks for reporting this!


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Thanks for the response. Much appreciated on the quick fix