12 hour interval for fixed schedule

Why isn’t there one available? 6 hours is the maximum.

If I want to run a fixed schedule twice a day, I have to create two separate schedules.

Would be nice to copy an existing schedule as the basis for a new one in this case as well.


Came here to post this exact question/request.

I like my fixed daily watering of 6am and 6pm.

Currently I have two schedules. One for 6am and another for 6pm… same settings across the board except for start time. As I have wanted to increase/decrease the watering time of each zone I have had to edit both schedules. Kinda silly. Also, I will note that this changing of my watering times of each zone could be avoided if I made use of the flex daily schedule – but I tried that feature and my grass died after just a week. That was even after following the tutorial/post here in this forum about how to determine soil etc.

Anyways, I am a fan of my fixed daily schedule and if you could please add an interval of 12 hrs that would be great!

Thanks for your product and hard work.

@markl951 @chaderick9

Yeah I agree that doesn’t make any sense. I’ll bring this up to the product team, seems like an oversight.



Ditto --how soon for the twice daily (12 hr)?