10 zones in old model with an 8 zone Rachio? How do I wire this?

I just started to install my new Gen 3 8-zone Rachio. When I looked at the wiring of our old model, there were wires into 10-zones. I didn’t know 10-zones were a thing so maybe I’m looking at it wrong? Any help appreciated to know what to do with zones 9–10 from old controller wiring. Photo included below of old controller.

How about exchanging your new Rachio 8 zone gen 3 for the gen 3 16 zone?

Or a 12 zone from Costco.

That’s actually what I bought, but Costco is the only one that has the 12 zone. If it’s going to be an exchange, it will most likely have to be where the 8 zone was bought, unless Rachio can help this guy out.