1 zone not working - Fixed

Hi, I recently replaced a gen 1 with a gen 2 after the 1 got hit by lightening. I swapped them out, and I thought I tested all the zones. I just recently noticed 1 zone starting the brown up. I moved the wire on the controller to another zone and swapped out the solenoid. The zone works when I open it manually. I don’t have another valve in the same box and therefore can’t try swapping cables.

One thing I noticed in the migration from the 1 to the 2 is that this was the only zone that didn’t carry over the name I had customized. It was called Spare port 2.

Any suggestions?


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I’m a moron. I’m pretty meticulous about how I installed my sprinkler. Forgot that I had put in 1 extra wire for a long run. I was troubleshooting that wire assuming it would turn on a specific zone. I went through each zone 1 by 1 and they all worked.