1.6 Release Notes

Here are the highlights. For a more detailed description checkout our support website. The app has been submitted to the Apple store. We expect it to be approved sometime next week. I will post when it is available in the Apple and Google Play stores.


User preference for US Standard or Metric units
Rain sensor push notifications. ‘The status of my rain sensor changes’. Any time your rain sensor is enabled or disabled a push notification will be sent. This is a user preference which can be turned on or off.
Reports and usage data!
Remove device
Manual seasonal water budgeting dial
Improved weather accuracy and forecasts

The iOS app was submitted to the Apple app store and we will let you know when it is available. We are finishing up charting on the Android app. When that is done we will release through the Google Play store.

Will 1.6 be IOS 8 B5 compatible? Or will IOS 8 compatibly be restored with ver 1.7?

@Ramsteiner‌ @mateo_rachio‌ changed a few libraries in 1.6 and tested iOS8 and believes we are compatible.

Now I’m really looking forward to 1.6. Thanks for addressing this issue so quickly.

@franz‌ this is great news RE: iOS 8 library compatibility, my hopes is this should restore the functionality so will be looking at giving this a run with beta 5 when 1.6 hits. Thanks !

Still waiting for Apple :frowning:

Looks like the iOS app has been approved. Some notes from @mateo_rachio‌

“Users can power down their phone and power it back on to refresh the app store cache. Some users might have to uninstall the current version before installing the new version until the app store cache gets completely updated. The first time I installed the app it installed 1.5 even though the app store said 1.6, but once I removed 1.5 it installed 1.6 properly”

@Franz, all. I can confirm 1.6 does solve the functionality issues seen in iOS 8 beta 5, working fine for me now on that platform. Thanks !

@Wildcatz_1‌ w00t!. Hopefully it solves the always having to re-login issue as well that some customers have had :slight_smile:

Awesomeness restored. Solved both of those issues for me. Thanks for all of your efforts!

@Ramsteiner‌ Fantastic that’s what we like to hear.