1.5" of rain and controller thinks my moisture is at 6%

Something isn’t right. We have received rain all week with an inch and a half on Wednesday alone. For some reason the details of my zones show the moisture from precipitation, but the calculation for available moisture doesn’t include it. In fact the math is just wrong and the available moisture shows as 6%. Please help. My sprinklers are scheduled to run in there morning. They really shouldn’t be. Let’s figure this out.


Please post a screen shot of your moisture levels with details. And let us know what kind of schedule you are running.

I using a flex schedule.


For this particular zone your irrigation amount is .2 inches. Even though it rained 1.55 inches we only allow you to go 10% over field capacity.

So in this case your burned down pretty quick. Based on your zone settings you might want to set allowed depletion back to 50%? It look like you decreased it to increase watering frequency but that is going to push down the irrigation amount (.2 inches) and your zone reservoir is perceived to be much smaller.

If you are looking to modify frequency a better lever is just increasing the zone crop coefficient. This will leave the irrigation amount how it should be (takes longer to fill up) but will water more frequently since we take more of the daily ET value and subtract that from your moisture levels.

More info on adjusting flex.



I’ve been planning to convert my flex schedule to using the crop coefficient, but haven’t quite gotten my head around all the changes that would need to happen at once. The lawn seems to be doing ok, and I’m afraid to make changes. I spent much of the weekend changing settings and then either not saving them, or changing them back. :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize that the moisture balance was capped like that. Makes sense now. We don’t have a lot of rain in general, so this is really the first time I’ve had to deal with it.

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I believe you just need to delete your current flex daily schedule and re-create it. Any flex schedule created after 5/19/2016 will leverage the actual zone crop coefficient versus a dynamic curve we changed every month.

I would then move your managed depletion back to 50% and maybe increase your zone coefficient by 10% if you wanted to increase your overall frequency, without affecting your bucket size.

If you have any questions just let us know.

Yes, based on what we know about how much it takes to irrigate your zone (.2 inches), we assume that after .2 inches that most of it would be runoff and the ground would be super saturated.


All right. You convinced me to do the hard work and I finally pulled the trigger and set up a new flex schedule. Now to get that crop coefficient dialed in.

Thanks for the help and great conversation. As always.

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