1/2" of water, twice a week, including rainfall

I would be great to schedule your controller to apply 1/2" of water, twice a week, including rainfall WHILE remaining compliant with an odd/even watering restriction. In my opinion, this is where maximum water savings would be achieved in my situation.

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You can certainly do that with a fixed schedule and weather intelligence enabled, as long as you can tune it to a fairly local weather station.

Actually I stand corrected, I don’t think you can do odd/even on a fixed schedule-just can pick days of the week. Flex schedules can do odd/even though. What is the importance of the 1/2" twice a week in your case? The concept behind flex schedules is that they apply right amount of water given the weather conditions and evapotranspiration rates. Some times of year one inch per week might be enough, other times of the year too little, so on and so forth.

I’m in Minnesota, so it is rare I need more than 1/2", twice a week. I do get your point, and it would be great for this feature to allow for the user to provide the water quantity based on their area. In my opinion, turf doesn’t need more than this amount in my area. Doing two deep waterings a week compared to each even day yields better results.

I think perhaps the need is that instead of skipping waterings when there is rainfall, just REDUCE the irrigation amount by the recorded rainfall. So if there is a light rain then reduce the next scheduled watering by the amount of the rainfall, but not skip the watering event. If the recorded rainfall is greater than the watering amount, then the watering can be skipped.

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