0% moisture level

I have 2 zones with drip emitters for my beds, shrubs. I have both set to 25% depletion. I have a short fixed schedule to water daily because I hooked up a flower box and pots that need a little daily water. But I also have then on a flex schedule with the intention of a deeper watering when the moisture level gets below 75% ( ie. 25% depletion). I looked today and one zone is at 0% moisture. How is that possible?

Here is an explanation of how the moister level works as it frequently is misunderstood (and if I understand what you are asking): What are moisture levels? (Flexible Daily Schedules). Does this help you?

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It doesn’t really help. I guess the better question is what does 25% depletion mean as I’m assuming that would trigger watering… Shouldn’t it? So 25% of what? My thought was there should be a correlation between that and moisture level. No?

My thinking is a zone that has flex watering set to 25% depletion should stay at least at 75% moisture and certainly never get to 0%…pls correct my understanding. Thanks.

Never mind. I got it on different thread…