0% moisture level allowed?

Why would Rachio allow me to get to 0% moisture level on a few of my zones? The flex daily ran last night but skipped over these zones and made them hit 0% when it’s suppose to be 90F today

0% is a bit misleading, It hit the point where it determined is should water.

…but it didn’t water those zones today.

The zone is forecasted to be at allowed moisture depletion by end of day. Note the chart shows irrigation will occur the next day.

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This is still one of the worst displays in Rachio. “Zero” in this case is your allowed depletion value. It isn’t intuitive whatsoever.


The Soil Moisture Graph should be even bars not five. In representation of a soil reservoir it should make sense, or then add five more bars below the 0 % and make it another color or look like dirt.

Example :slight_smile: 100 % being full half being 50% and 0 % being just that not at 50% or whatever depletion.

When, I simply explain Plants, soils and water relationships as indicated by my hands, a size, ( like explaining how big the fish is) demonstrating vertically to clients and others , this is your reservoir, this is your plant depth, this is MAD, this is when a rain or watering event should occur…

… I don’t then add another hand underneath and say well this is 50 % of 0 %

I do it simply , since I don’t want their eyes to glaze over on the basics. I want them to learn and be happy about their plants, landscape and Rachio performance.:sunglasses:

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