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Create & Edit Schedules Everything you need to know about creating and editing schedules. Flex Daily Everything you need to know about Flex Daily schedules. Fixed Schedules Everything you need to know about Fixed schedules. Manual Run Everything you need to know about Manual Run & Quick Run schedules. Flex Monthly Everything you need to know about Flex Monthly schedules. Set Up & Edit Zones Everything you need to know about setting up and editing zones.
4 Innovative Ways to Decrease Your Painful Water Costs [Schedules & Zones] (9)

Rachio users love the fact that they can not only be part of saving our planet by conserving water, but they can also conserve costs too - though, you have to know how to set everything up correctly to get the most out o…

How To Choose Your Watering Schedule [Schedules & Zones] (2)

Want an easy way to choose what Rachio schedule you need for your yard? TRY OUR NEW QUIZ! :point_down: DISCLAIMER: Even if Flex Daily is recommended, use your discretion. Schedules with more than 3 days of restrictio…

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